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I guess while I’m at it, I can give you guys an update on this thing as well. Mostly because I’m beyond tired of staring at the old wip getting reblogged it was so terrible a;lsdfjk stop

I had the absolute pleasure of chatting to this artist tonight, and found out that they’re a fan of my work, too. And you know when that kind of thing happens, you just want to pee your pants. We had a little mutual flail.

I think the more professional an artist’s work is, the more intimidated viewers are by them, and so not a lot of people come and say hello and make friends. I just want to say that Des is incredibly friendly and lovely and charming on top of being one of the best artists I’ve ever met in my entire life, and you should not hesitate to go say hello, particularly Kristanna fans.

Oh gosh, no no no no the pleasure was all mine! And yes, there was a great deal of mutual flailing going on last night!

Aww you were so very sweet in chat and thank you, I appreciate that very much! As far as asks, if you send me something that isn’t anon, rest assured I will usually always reply back! Unless of course Tumblr decides to swallow the ask, which has happened before :C

This week has been, and probably will continue to be, a bit slow for me thanks to midterms. But I should hopefully be around more come the end of the week and maybe even get this baby finished and posted nice and proper for you guys!

aelfethart said:
Dude, may I fangirl hard at ALL your Hans art? If I ever start find him attractive enough *it may or may have not started already* to make me even have a glimpse into the Helsa/Iceburns tag, I'll put all the blame on you. I guess all I mean is that your art is awesome.

Heh yes you may! I’m truly sorry about that lol. And thank you very much! :>

Anonymous said:
YOOOOOOOOOO can i say that your hans pieces are my favorite in the fandom??? they do him so much justice. you're super talented i love your work thank you for sharing them all with us uwu

Oooh gosh thank you so very much. This is seriously the highest honor any fan-artist could hope for and I really am not worthy of it. Truly. I’m just here fumbling with my stylus, trying hard not to flub a character I could probably never fully capture. But thank you, I am sincerely humbled by your compliment :’)

Anonymous said:
Hans in chains smirking because that's gonna be hawt *fans self*

^^^^^^^You all seeing this? I actually got this request. And seeing as how excited you guys are getting over Hans in a pair of manacles, I’m feeling inclined to actually have a heart maybe draw this for you.

I guess while I’m at it, I can give you guys an update on this thing as well. Mostly because I’m beyond tired of staring at the old wip getting reblogged it was so terrible a;lsdfjk stop

Anonymous said:
ahhh your icon! can we see more please? ;))))

Gahh you’re killing me Anon! Why u do this?  I was supposed to be working on this in secret, but I guess you can have a low res crop of the portion I used for the icon.




So I started thinking about Elsa’s hair and


I feel like it would have been interesting to see the plot twist happen a little bit differently. Say for example,

After having found out that the Queen was endowed with certain powers, the people of Arendelle imprison Anna as a precaution. After which, a caucus is called and it’s covertly agreed upon by all those in attendance, that Arendelle and its riches be divided up between the presiding dignitaries in secret.  With Anna out of the way and Elsa hauled up in a self-made prison on the outskirts of town, the foreign nationals elect that it would be wise to simply eliminate the Queen, should she later decide to reclaim her rightful rule over the kingdom. Hans, eager to prove himself worthy of his potential slice of sweet Arendelle pie, volunteers to lead the raid party. The mission is to kill the Queen, and return Arendelle to its former, rule-able glory.

Realizing that if he’s able to distinguish himself in this moment of mass hysteria, he may be able to cleverly lay claim to a much larger portion of the kingdom.  Even as reining King perhaps, granted he is able to win the public’s favor as well. Meanwhile in the castle dungeons, Anna somehow MacGyver’s her way out of her cell like a boss and strips the statues of Knights in the castle parlor for any usable weaponry.  She rushes off to save her sister, dressed in blemished, bad-ass medieval armor. 



A few livestream doodles I did from memory. I honestly can’t draw Anna or Elsa to save my life, but its a start haha.

13thprince said:
You know I love your new sketch!! If I were a guy it would give me wet dreams lol xoxoxox

Haha well let’s hope I can get time to work on it, so I can hopefully get it out to you guys soon!

Anonymous said:
Yo Desole I've gotta say I dun even like Frozen but your Hans is bow chica wow wow ya dig

Yeah, I dig. Much obliged, good sir!

Anonymous said:
Be hardcore. Take a shower in the middle of the lightning storm

Done. Let’s hope I survive.

jfc I am so beyond done with this icon.

jfc I am so beyond done with this icon.

artarray said:
Will those brushes work in cs3?

They should, and hopefully will heh. But I’m not 100% sure about that sorry.

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