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Hans doodles :) just messing around with style mostly 

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So today I was reminded of that one dream I had where a mechanized James Van Der Beek went Columbine on my university with his shoulder-mounted mini gun…

My inbox has gone to a very strange and magical place…

Just some sketches n’ stuff. I believe Ned was supposed to be in the top one together with Jaime, I swear to god he was about to hand Jaime his ass, but naturally I got lazy. Because apparently drawing the back of someone’s head is the most time consuming part of any drawing and therefore must be avoided at all costs ( ͡°  ͜ʖ ͡°)   

Bonusbecause I can never help myself when it comes to shades.

Anonymous said:
Wtf how do u not draw marilyn manson

You. Won’t. Break. Me.

Anonymous said:
awww you no likey marilyn manson :(


Anon, really? REALLY??

Anonymous said:
Have you ever drawn big bird?

I see what you did there anon.

Anonymous said:
have you ever drawn marilyn manson?



spoopy mingos


Oh god I’d put these all over the yard. I’d put them all over the neighbor’s yard, all over that one dude’s yard, I don’t even care. fight me.

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The longer I work on this drawing the more ridiculous it seems to get. Someone please send help.

I will admit I find the new avatar to be a bit intimidating lol. Bonus: random-ass Jaime 

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