"Gay marry and toast with the tears of children.."
INTJ Mechanical Engineering Student, Closet Artist. Be prepared for lots of practice pieces, fan art and the usual amount of shenanigans...you've been warned! Enjoy Le Tag List

Aston Martin 177

Trying to be good and stick to that vow I made way back in the triassic period to draw 10+ car studies. Here’s #8!

Mother (Parov Stelars Piano Dub)
Lilja Bloom  -  Mother - The Parov Stelar Remixes - EP
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Recent Frozen doodles/WIPs

The bottom 3 are huge drawings that are still in the works ;P


Hans/Anna commission for the lovely the13thprince

It was a pleasure working on this for you, I hope you enjoy it!


i was looking for a cool looking hans doll so i made a gif x)

OMFG Hollyoakhill what are you…Why is my inbox filled with pictures of hans dolls???? this gif though, gotta love dat eyebrow wiggle pfffft.


I’m wondering if I’ve accidentally managed to stumble onto a weird face claim for Hans in my search for hair refs…. : / I legit have no idea LOL, but I’ts late and idgaf woops

Brown Sugar (The Fat Swing Remix)
Minimatic  -  Brown Sugar (The Fat Swing Remix) - Single
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Some recent warm up studies of 'whatever the heck was on my desk at that particular moment'

For Talia who asked me to post these :)

I was trying to be good and work on a much overdue commission when suddenly, livestream-doodles happened. Worst part is that they accidentally turned into a series…

Part of me wanted to see Hans and Anna stay together. I like to think Hans would have been unable to handle the hurricane of excitement that is Anna on a regular day. He’d just quietly suffer for the Arendelle throne, never knowing where to hide from his adoring wife. Dramatic Irony at it’s best, no prison time needed.


Hollyoakhill mod: but srsly though
Hollyoakhill mod: what should i draw
tinak ban: everything
Desole: pfft
Desole: hans kicking ass
Desole: always hans kicking ass


What can I say :> other than it’s perfect

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