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For Talia who asked me to post these :)

I was trying to be good and work on a much overdue commission when suddenly, livestream-doodles happened. Worst part is that they accidentally turned into a series…

Part of me wanted to see Hans and Anna stay together. I like to think Hans would have been unable to handle the hurricane of excitement that is Anna on a regular day. He’d just quietly suffer for the Arendelle throne, never knowing where to hide from his adoring wife. Dramatic Irony at it’s best, no prison time needed.


Hollyoakhill mod: but srsly though
Hollyoakhill mod: what should i draw
tinak ban: everything
Desole: pfft
Desole: hans kicking ass
Desole: always hans kicking ass


What can I say :> other than it’s perfect

you were so hungry that you cut off the bit with the mold on it and ate the rest of the bun but 20 minutes later your stomach’s rumbling and you’re left to sit there and question every decision you’ve ever made in your life…

warm up thingie from last night



Because of the weight of the ends of the forks, and how they’re distributed behind the penny (closer to the glass), the center of gravity of the whole system is actually shifted quite significantly. If I’m right, it would actually have to be right where the penny meets the glass. This mean, in a sense, all the “weight” of the system of the forks and penny is resting right on that point, rather than out in the air, so if you balance it, it’ll be stable on the glass.



…….Close enough

The difference between Science and Engineering.


callmeohana said:
Do you ever do commissions?

Not till recently, I’m currently working on a commission, my first actually. I may take on a few more once I am finished. I will make an announcement if I do open anymore slots though, if i’m feeling up for it :)



donc-desole kiestu I found this in my tabs. I don’t remember the context.

Oh god, I have managed to ruin this fandom single handed haha. I’m so sorry! Why did I ever make that comic…




Hans getting stood up by his date~~ thank rosy-frozen for this one huehue

Just an old doodle that I decided to play around with a bit :)


Hans getting stood up by his date~~ thank rosy-frozen’s  tags for this one huehue

Just an old doodle that I decided to play around with a bit :)

Anonymous said:
Did you know? Donc desole means "so sorry in english". But not in the way you mean't it. Donc désolé means "so, (as in therefore), sorry". Use "tellement désolé" to say "so sorry"

Yep! Ty Anon, I’m aware donc translates to ‘so therefore,’ I wasn’t meaning to write it the other way around since there isn’t much I’m truly ‘very sorry’ for lol. Actually, It was written that way for the sake of style and nothing more :)


visualheroine replied to your post “visualheroine replied to your post: Hans’ winter coat still really…”

Headcanon time. The Southern Isle is much warmer than Arendelle and Hans gets chilly easily uwu

I’m gonna take this as 100% correct because reasons.

Also I made an important discovery:


The back of his winter coat has a pattern that’s just a mash-up of his other two jacket designs. It’s totally his own coat that he brought with him.

Oh and don’t forget about these! ;)





Hans came on his own ship, he probably had a few spare pieces of clothing stashed away in case of storms/long stays or whatnot. 



Hans? I guess the word got around on what you did huh?

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