"Gay marry and toast with the tears of children.."
INTJ Mechanical Engineering Student, Closet Artist. Be prepared for lots of practice pieces, fan art and the usual amount of shenanigans...you've been warned! Enjoy Le Tag List

I will admit I find the new avatar to be a bit intimidating lol. Bonus: random-ass Jaime 

Come And Get It- Vintage 1940s Jazz Cover
Postmodern Jukebox
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Just click play, I promise you won’t regret it

Call Me Maybe -Vintage Carly Rae Jepsen Cover
Postmodern Jukebox
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This Old Tune
Hugo Kant  -  I Don't Want to Be an Emperor
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Abosultely in love with this track


A few warm up tumbnail studies from the last 3 livestreams ~ approx.10-20 min each


donc-desole streamed a painting of sandor with a gun and i was like “what if grand theft westeros” and here we are


you’d be surprised at what i can do in ~10 minutes


That must’ve been some bowel movement.

It certainly helped ‘the go,’ I won’t lie… 

Nothing like having to choose between ‘am I really finished taking a crap?’ and ‘I should probably go find cover.’

Aston Martin 177

Trying to be good and stick to that vow I made way back in the triassic period to draw 10+ car studies. Here’s #8!

Mother (Parov Stelars Piano Dub)
Lilja Bloom  -  Mother - The Parov Stelar Remixes - EP
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Recent Frozen doodles/WIPs

The bottom 3 are huge drawings that are still in the works ;P

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